the sunshine pilot

by Patzi Gil

 Comedy - feature film

All Louis ever wanted to be was an airline pilot... until now! 


 The  glorious life of a cocky international airline pilot 

is flipped upside  down when he crosses the company’s 

weaselly executive, gets fired and is  reduced to working 

for a podunk Florida airline owned by a feisty old 

WWII WASP who keeps a prized B-17 and a pet alligator.  



Patzi Gil is the Creator/Writer of Forgotten F-105 Warriors, History? It’s Food! 

and The Sunshine Pilot.  She is also the host of Joy on Paper, a radio 

program for writers and those who dream of writing.

Patzi was inspired to create Forgotten F-105 Warriors after writing a script 

based on G.I. Basel's Pak Six, an engaging book written by an F-105 

pilot who captured the excitement of flying during Operation 

Rolling Thunder in the Vietnam War.  She has spent years 

interviewing pilots and ground crews getting their personal 

stories about one the most deadly air campaigns in history.

Patzi’s lifestyle television series called History? It's Food! is based 

on her twenty-years as a home school mom.  She is also a prolific 

screenplay writer with fourteen completed scripts including 

The Sunshine Pilot and recently completed a major historical novel.