Attic Ashes

by Lorraine Portman

 Closed-space thriller - feature film

Cleaning out her deceased father’s farmhouse,  

Cassia discovers a meth lab and is forced to 

defend her life against a  terrifying onslaught 

of attacks from sadistic meth cookers hell-bent on 

protecting their secrets, while she uncovers the 

truth about a father she never knew. 

Thirty-four screenplay awards and acknowledgements

Best Screenplay - Beaufort International Film Festival 2016
Best Thriller & Best Screenplay - Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition 2016
First Place Feature Screenplay -Yosemite Film Festival 2016
 First Prize Thriller Screenplay - Film Crash Screenplay Competition 2015
Second Place Suspense-Thriller - Indie Gathering International Film Festival 2017
Second Place “IndieWood” Screenplay - Bare Bones Int'l Film and Music Festival 2014
Third Place Screenplay - Cayman International Film Festival 2015
Third Place Suspense Thriller Feature Screenplay - Int'l Horror Hotel Film Festival 2015
Fourth Place Screenplay - Barcelona Film Festival 2015
Finalist Best Screenplay - FLY Film Festival 2017
Finalist Thriller/Suspense - Cannes Screenplay Contest 2016
Top 10 Finalist Best Feature Screenplay - Twisted Horror Picture Show 2016
Finalist - Swedish International Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2016
Finalist - Twin Falls Sandwiches Film Festival 2016
Finalist - Shiver Film Festival 2016
Finalist - Lake Charles Film & Music Festival 2015
Finalist - South Carolina Underground Film Festival 2015
Finalist - New Hope Film Festival 2014
Semi-Finalist - MartialCon Film Festival 2016
Semi-Finalist - Richmond International Film Festival 2014
Semi-Finalist - Austin Indie Flix Showcase Screenplay Competition 2014
Quarterfinalist - Austin Revolution Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2016
Quarterfinalist - Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2015
Quarterfinalist - Final Draft’s Big Break Screenplay Competition 2013
Quarterfinalist - Screenplay Goldmine’s Screenplay Competition 2013
Quarterfinalist - Creative World Awards Screenplay Competition 2014
Official Selection - Action on Film Int’l Film Festival Written Word Competition 2016
Official Selection - Northern Virginia Film Festival 2015
Official Selection - Oaxaca Film Festival 2014
Second Round: Top 10% - Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2013
Top 20% - Nicholl Fellowship Competition 2014

Submitted under earlier title “Cracker Attic”
Finalist - Charleston International Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2013
Second Round: Top 10% - Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition 2012
 Top 15% - Nicholl Fellowship Competition 2012



 Writer/Director/Producer Lorraine Portman is an award-winning 

Playwright, Screenwriter, and Filmmaker.  She has written and 

directed seven short films and a feature. 

Lorraine's screenplays have been placed in national and international 

competitions.  She has had screenplays that were finalists in the Cayfilm 

Screenplay Competition.  Her black comedy eDisharmony was awarded 

Outstanding Comedy by the Sacramento International Film Festival and 

was awarded Best Black Comedy by the Broad Humor Film Festival. 

Portman’s closed space thriller Attic Ashes has placed in 29 competitions, 

winning First Prize Thriller in the Film Crash Screenplay Competition, 

Best Screenplay in the Chicago Genre Screenplay Competition, and 

Best Screenplay in Beaufort International Film Festival’s 

Screenplay Competition.  Her Queen of the Okefenokee and 

Paradise Pond screenplays have also garnered awards.

Lorraine taught Playwriting and Screenwriting at 

Flagler College in Saint Augustine, Florida for ten years.  

She holds a B.A. in Theater from Smith College and M.F.A. in Film 

from Florida State University.  Lorraine also attended the National 

Theater Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center.