Hyperactive Dreams and The Chambers Company Enterprises, Inc.

Hyperactive Dreams in an American feature film and television programming development company created to bring entertaining, informative films and 

programs to audiences everywhere. 

The Chambers Company Enterprises, Inc. is an award-winning production services company serving nationwide clients for more than twenty-five years. In addition, we manage the services of Jonathan Chambers when he is engaged as a freelance Producer, Production Manager (DGA), or First Assistant Director (DGA).

The companies are based in St. Petersburg, Florida, 

and are involved with projects nationwide.

                 Creativity  -  Experience  -  Insight

"When we realized that we needed someone who could really

help us pull off [the TV series] you were our first choice."

                                                    -- Executive Producer - Los Angeles

Jonathan G. Chambers

Jonathan G. Chambers is the President and Executive Producer for both Hyperactive Dreams and The Chambers Company Enterprises, Inc.  He has produced or managed more than 900 projects in the film, television, and advertising/commercial arenas.


Jonathan’s feature credits include Crawl, Not Alone, Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Walking Across Egypt, Never Say Die, Kiss the Girls, and Pastime (Sundance Film Festival Audience Award).

His television credits include award-winning series such as All the Captain Kangaroo, McGee and Me!, Secret Adventures, as well as the popular Sheena, Ripley’s Believe It or Not and others.

Known for his insight, creativity, professional standards, broad-based experience and attention to detail, Jonathan is a Directors Guild of America Unit Production Manager and First Assistant Director.  

His projects have had him shooting in many locations throughout Florida, California and other U.S. States, as well as Mexico City, Vancouver, and San Juan, and supervising global projects with crews in Africa, Australia, Canada, Europe, Great Britain, Japan, Mexico and Singapore. 

Over the years, Jonathan has encountered and succeeded with just about every production element imaginable; from green screen to boats, celebrities, exotic animals, helicopters, special effects, stunts, and more.


 "I had an awesome time working with you!  We had a doozie of a shoot  

on our hands and I think you knocked it out of the park.   

Very, very happy with how it all turned out."      

                                       -- Director - Los Angeles 

"Top-notch producing that leaves no stone unturned.  Jonathan gets it done."

                                            -- Producer/Writer - Tampa


Some of the projects we've participated in

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"Do you realize that we shot 32 news people and 

over 40 locations and set-ups?  In six days?  

With hindsight it seems impossible but we did it.  

Actually, I believe it would have been impossible without you.  

You're a wizard."

-- Executive Producer - Seattle


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