bethlehem the beginning

by Alan Armstrong and Jonathan Chambers


In biblical Bethlehem, a young, adventurous country mouse
lured into a life of crime with a gang of thieving city rats
gets a chance to redeem himself when he witnesses
the birth of Jesus and visit of the Three Kings.

Enjoy the music preview below.





  Alan Armstrong, Composer/Writer, started composing music at the age 

of twelve after his father taught him the guitar. He began playing 

professionally in the 1960’s as a solo folk singer and then as the lead 

vocalist and leader of an R&B Top 40 cover band that performed 

throughout his home state.  

Alan did a tour of duty in the U.S. Air Force and during that time he participated 

in the Air Force’s “Tops in Blue” program.  He won numerous awards, performed continuously throughout Southeast Asia and, subsequently, was a co-writer 

and producer of several award winning musical shows. 

After his service in the Air Force Alan continued with his solo performing 

and music composition.  Today he serves as the Music Director for 

First Unity Church in St. Petersburg, Florida.

In 1998 he collaborated with his mother, Margo Armstrong, and the result 

was a Christmas musical titled The Oft Told Story which was performed on 

stage many times.  It was recorded and released as an audio CD and, 

later, as an iPad app under the title Bethlehem the Beginning. Ultimately, 

this musical became the nucleus for the animated musical feature film 

Bethlehem, the Beginning in development today.