Attic Ashes


Closed-space thriller - feature film

 Cleaning out her deceased father’s farmhouse,  Cassia discovers a meth 

lab and is forced to defend her life 

against a  terrifying onslaught of 

attacks from sadistic meth cookers 

hell-bent on  protecting their secrets, while she uncovers the truth about a father she never knew. 

Thirty-four screenplay awards and acknowledgements.

Bethlehem the Beginning

BTB one sheet

Animated family - feature film


In biblical Bethlehem, a young, adventurous country mouse lured into 

a life of crime with a gang of thieving 

city rats gets a chance to redeem 

himself when he witnesses the birth 

of Jesus and visit of the Three Kings.

Forgotten F-105 Warriors


Dramatic TV series 

and documentary film


Pawns in a political game; brave Americans who were considered expendable.  Our best pilots flying 

against the odds under insane 

rules of engagement.

Dedicated ground crews working in 

the harshest conditions to keep their planes aloft.  Over 1,000 pilots killed 

or captured; their amazing bravery 

and sacrifice all but forgotten.

Now, after fifty years, the truth is 

revealed and the record set straight.

History? It's Food!


Lifestyle reality TV series

 A food, fun, and parties series 

exploring history through the 

lives of famous people. 

Queen of the Okefenokee

Queen of the Okeenokee

 Historical drama - feature film

The colorful life of Lydia Stone,
the woman who tamed the swamp
and built an empire in 1880s Georgia.

The Sunshine Pilot


Comedy - feature film

The  glorious life of a cocky 

international airline pilot is flipped 

upside  down when he crosses the company’s weaselly executive, 

gets fired and is  reduced to working 

for a podunk Florida airline owned 

by a feisty old WWII WASP who keeps 

a prized B-17 and a pet alligator.